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A Knowledgeable Defense Lawyer For Conspiracy Charges

Conspiracy is one of the most complex and confusing federal criminal charges. It is also challenging for the federal government to prove. By definition, it is an agreement between two or more parties to commit a crime. In most cases, a conspiracy charge requires the government to present evidence of an act that a party committed to further their planned crime.

Creating a strong defense for federal conspiracy charges requires a unique skill set that not all attorneys possess. Ann Fitz is a federal criminal defense attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the federal criminal process, which is essential to building an effective defense. From her West Palm Beach or North Miami office, Ms. Fitz has successfully defended clients against conspiracy charges in the past and can help you with your case.

It Takes Two To Conspire

Usually, conspiracy charges are indicted along with other charges for the underlying crimes that constitute the subject of the conspiracy. The prosecution must charge two or more defendants for a conspiracy charge to stick — otherwise, the conspiracy may be subject to an entrapment defense.

Conspiracy charges hinge on cooperating witnesses, and the prosecution puts tremendous effort into making their case. Ms. Fitz will work closely with you to understands the details of the alleged criminal plan. She has years of experience on both sides of the courtroom and can work with any relevant witnesses to build a strong defense.

Waiting Will Not Help Your Case

Time is a factor in federal criminal defense cases. By working with the Law Office of Ann Fitz early, you can have an experienced lawyer guide your case. Ms. Fitz defends the rights of clients in the Southern District of Florida.

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