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Providing Effective Federal Criminal Defense For Your Future’s Sake

At her firm in West Palm Beach, attorney Ann Fitz understands how federal prosecutors handle federal crimes and the criminal investigations that accompany them. The U.S. Congress enacts laws in areas that fall within federal jurisdiction. Typically, these are laws and regulations that deal with federal property, federal matters, and federal taxes. Additionally, there are many federal criminal laws governing various areas of modern society, including interstate commerce.

Common types of federal criminal cases include:

The Law Office of Ann Fitz defends the rights of clients who are charged with many kinds of federal crimes at every stage of a federal criminal case, including:

Please note: If you are contacted as either a subject or a target of a federal investigation, DO NOT speak with federal agents before consulting with a criminal defense attorney. Anything you say will be used against you in court.

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Ms. Fitz is a former prosecutor who has practiced almost exclusively in federal court throughout her career. She is well-versed in the federal rules of evidence, the federal rules of criminal procedure, and the United States sentencing guidelines. She was selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers for several years and also has been recognized by the Association of Distinguished Counsel, the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys and other organizations as a leader in federal criminal defense. Find out more about Ms. Fitz.

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