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What is mail fraud and how is it committed?

Posted by Ann Fitz | Apr 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

Mail fraud is one of the most serious federal offenses across the country. It can be jarring for anyone to be charged with this crime. It's important to know what mail fraud is and how it's committed.

What is mail fraud?

Mail fraud is a federal offense that's committed when a person deliberately and fraudulently uses the mail system to cheat other people out of money. The elements of the crime are similar to wire fraud as it's necessary for the prosecution to prove those elements are present in a case of mail fraud. There is an intention to defraud other people while the perpetrator knew they were committing fraudulent activity while using the mail system.

What are the different forms of mail fraud?

There are different forms of mail fraud. A person could commit the crime by pretending to be someone else and ordering items in their name while having them sent to their address so that they're stuck footing the bill. It's also possible for mail fraud to be carried out while impersonating another person while requesting personal information and intending to steal their money.

Mail fraud can also be carried out when a person creates a fake charity and sends mail about that charity to people. Meanwhile, the victims might end up donating money to the fake charity out of the goodness of their hearts while the criminal hordes the cash.

Another form of this type of fraud involves coupons or checks offered by fraudulent companies claiming to offer great discounts or free services. However, there is often tiny fine print involved that states the person is responsible for paying certain fees to the company. This ends up seeing victims losing lots of money.

Mail fraud is never a charge that should be taken lightly. If you face these federal charges, you should fight back. Your future and freedom depend on it.

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